Tungsten halogen light unit for high intensity demands with an extremely compact housing for digital photography.

Because of it´s high power the C12 silent suits also for bigger product shots, (group-)portrait shots or lighting wider areas, i.e. Digital Video on events.

The maximum continuous light output power of the C12 silent is 1250 Watt @ approx. 3200 K, generated out of one bulb.

If you need a less powerful light, mainly when used for medical documentation reasons, it´s possible to use Tungsten halogen bulbs with lower continuous light output power.


Please note: in this case the according fuse has to be used.

To expand the C12 silent lighting options, nearly all the latest Hedler reflectors, softboxes and reflex umbrellas ca be attached.

One very special pro of the C12 silent should not to be forgotten: the whisper switch. Use it and the fans rpm will be reduced which leads to a reduced fan caused noise!

HEDLER C12 silent

HEDLER C12 silent

Included in delivery:
1x bulb 1000 Watt,
1x safety glass,
1x C-Tilting head with incorporated reflex umbrella holder

Code: < 3001 >

Price: 245,14 Euro incl. VAT

Please note: With the new Hedler Speedring C all the latest Hedler reflectors and Hedler softboxes can be attached to the C12 silent! You will find information about the HEDLER Speedring C on the ACCESSORIES page.

Hedler Tungsten halogen light unit - extremely compact


PDF download:

Technical data C12 silent

C12 silent manual