The new focusable daylight unit - the HEDLER DF25.

Comfortable like the HEDLER DF15 - but more powerful! Through the use of a Fresnel lens and an intuitively usable focusing option the all new HEDLER DF25 offers great lighting flexibility: it can be set from spot to flood lighting position by simply turning a knob on the backside of the housing.

The light beams diameter can be adjusted steplessly - perfect, if you want to emphasize a person or an object within your frame and you do not want to move around the light unit.

More flexibility? Completely integrated into the Hedler reflector range, all the latest Hedler softboxes, reflectors and reflex umbrellas can be attached.

Means: a wide variety of different lighting moods can be created by attaching one of the optional available, original Hedler light modifiers. Ideal for product and portrait photography as well as for Digital Video.

Keyword DigitalVideo: designed for this use the HEDLER DF25 is extremely silent. It is suited for original sound recording, its highly efficient metal halide bulb generates a flicker-free daylight of approx. 5600 Kelvin and has - as another pro an integrated electronic ballast with bulb failure recognition.



Designed for professional use, the bulb has an average lifetime of approx. 1000 hours.

Another pro - the DF25s bulb produces a continuous light output power that equates to a 900 (!) Watt standard Tungsten halogen bulb (set to flood light position; set to spot light position it produces a continuous light output power that equates to a 1400 (!) Watt standard Tungsten halogen bulb).

Besides that it shows a relatively low temperature within the light beam area - a real advantage if you have to lit heat-sensitive material within a shorter distance and/or a longer period.

These advantages can also be useful while doing a video portrait! And because of its colour temperature of approx. 5600 K the DF25 is ideal as a fill light in combination with natural daylight.

And to add some technical data of the HEDLER DF25, here are some lux values:

spot lighting position: approx. 18000 lux
flood lighting position: approx. 3000 Lux

at a distance of 2m, camera set to ISO 100, shutter speed 1/60 sec



Included in delivery:
1x Fresnel lens,
1x metal halide bulb 250 W / SE (≈ 900 W standard Tungsten halogen bulb light out put power),
1x integrated electronic ballast,
1x U-bracket with 5/8" quick-lock light stand attachment and friction brake …

… plus the HEDLER QuickFit adapter for comfortable and fast interchanging of reflectors!

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Price: 1130,50 Euro incl. VAT



PDF download:

Technical data DF25

HEDLER DF25 manual


PDF-Version des Berichtes

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