The daylight continuous light unit, especially designed for the needs of DigitalVideo. The HEDLER DX15 has no fan - means it suits ideal for original sound recordings. With it´s metal halogen bulb 150 W / SE it produces a flicker-free light @ approx. 5600 Kelvin. Special feature - the built-in electronic ballast with fault recognition for the lamp.

Designed for professional use, the bulb has an average lifetime of approx. 6000 operating hours, the electronic ballast of approx. 60000 operating hours!

Another pro - the HEDLER DX15s bulb produces a continuous light output power that equates to a 650 (!) Watts standard Tungsten halogen bulb.

And for all of you who prefer to work with Tungsten halogen light quality: a special Ceramic bulb with approx. 3200 K is available for the DX15 (like the DX15 metal halide bulb: at a current consumption of 150 Watts it produces a continuous light output power that equates to a 650 (!) Watts standard halogen bulb. The average lifetime of


this special, efficient halogen lamp is approx. 4000 hours, code for this lamp < 1532 >.

Besides this, within it´s lighting beam area it produces a light beam (compared to a traditional Tungsten halogen light unit) that shows a relatively low temperature. Mainly important for material sensitive to heat, simply more pleasing for the people in front of your camera while making a video portrait.

Keyword lighting: to have the light units well defined lighting characteristic is one thing, but - if it suits the creative idea - a variation can create a totally different mood and can lead to a better picture! Because of that the new HEDLER DX15 can be equipped with nearly all the latest Hedler reflectors, softboxes, reflex umbrellas and accessories.

Due to this flexibility the HEDLER DX15 can be an extremely versatile lighting tool for you and suits for DigitalVideo as well as for digital and analog imaging and (medical or technical) documentation.



Included in delivery:
1x safety glass,
1x metal halide bulb 150 W / SE (≈ 650 W standard Tungsten halogen bulb light out put power),
1x integrated electronic ballast,
1x U-bracket with 5/8" quick-lock light stand attachment and friction brake …

… plus the HEDLER QuickFit adapter for comfortable and fast interchanging of reflectors!

Code: < 1511 >

Price: 533,12 Euro incl. VAT



PDF download:

Technical data DX15

HEDLER DX15 manual


We take care about safety seriously! Here you´ll find the approval of the Eidgenössischen Starkstrominspektorats ESTI that the HEDLER DX15 is allowed to be placed into circulation with the sign HD504.

PDF version of the approval

PDF version of the paper

With kind permission of the DigitalPhoto editorial office