At maximum flash power the flash duration is 1/550 second. Because of that the F500A suits mainly for portrait, fashion and beauty photography. On the other hand - it works ideal for still, food and product shots.

Compatible with digital and analog camera, the very short flash duration allows using all sync speed settings with MF- and LF-lenses with central shutter or digital cameras with a sync speed of 1/500 second.

To work with a studio flash can be a really good thing that gets even better if you have the option for creating a wide variety of lighting characteristics. Therefore - nearly all the latest Hedler reflectors, softboxes, reflex umbrellas and accessories can be attached to the HEDLER F500A. Sounds good, is good.



Included in delivery:
1x flash bulb 500 Ws,
1x modeling light bulb 300 W,
1x sync-lead 10 m and
1x safety glass,
1x U-bracket with 5/8" quick-lock light stand attachment and friction brake …

… plus the HEDLER QuickFit adapter for comfortable and fast interchanging of reflectors!

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Price: 963,90 Euro incl. VAT