Tungsten halogen light with two independent switchable Tungsten halogen bulbs and a very compact, short and robust metal housing. The light unit suits for all digital and analog photographic fields, mainly when a high intensity continuous light beam will be needed.

Nearly all the latest Hedler reflectors, softboxes, reflex umbrellas and accessories can be used (please take note of the heat resistance of the desired reflector). Such a wide range of options means, every wanted lighting mood can set-up in the studio or on location.



If you need a less powerful light, it´s possible to use Tungsten halogen bulbs with lower output power.

Additionally, each socket can be equipped with a Tungsten halogen bulb of different light output power.

It generates with two bulbs up to 2500 Watt @ approx. 3200 K (separate fuses for bulbs up to 1250 W each) and is compatible with digital and analog cameras as well as DV cams.


Included in delivery:
1x safety glass,
1x U-bracket with 5/8" quick-lock light stand attachment and friction brake …

… plus the HEDLER QuickFit adapter for comfortable and fast interchanging of reflectors!

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Price: 446,25 Euro incl. VAT

Hedler Tungsten halogen light unit


PDF download:

Technical data H25s

HEDLER H25s manual