Tungsten halogen light unit with one socket and without a fan - perfect for DV and AV. Full lighting power but no cooling fan noise. Amazing!

Besides this - the HEDLER HF65 has an incorporated fresnel lens and focusing option! Means what? Because of this the HF 65s light beam can be adjusted from spotlight to floodlight characteristic!

Without interchanging reflectors or moving around - simply by turning the focusing knob.

To expand possibilities even more, the HF65 can be


equipped with all the latest Hedler reflectors, folding reflectors and reflex umbrellas.

This flexibility gives you the basis for creative lighting, because it doesn´t limit the HF65 to one lighting characteristic only.

It generates 650 Watt continuous light output power @ approx. 3200 K and is compatible with digital and analog cameras as well as DV cams.


Included in delivery:
1x Fresnel lens,
1x 650 Watt bulb,
1x U-bracket with 5/8" quick-lock light stand attachment and friction brake …

… plus the HEDLER QuickFit adapter for comfortable and fast interchanging of reflectors!

Code: < 6511 >

Price: 525,98 Euro incl. VAT

Hedler Tungsten halogen light unit focusable


PDF download:

Technical data HF65

HEDLER HF65 manual


We take care about safety seriously! Here you´ll find the approval of the Eidgenössischen Starkstrominspektorats ESTI that the HEDLER HF65 is allowed to be placed into circulation with the sign HD504.

PDF version of the approval