Hedler LED-Kits

Hedler LED-Kits

LED kits - variable, efficient and powerful

Hedler LED kits - the modern and extremely comfortable lighting solutions.

With LED-light units, which offer a wide variety of setting options. Differently equipped these kits are not only perfect for the studio but for on-location work too: comfortable to transport, fastly set-up on location, variable lighting.

More lighting options? All the latest Hedler reflectors and softboxes are attachable!

Special features: the Hedler LED light units are dimmable and additionally a stepless focusing option is already built-in - plus a Fresnel lens!

You see: designed for the professional use, they suit for all fields of Digital Imaging. Compatible with digital and analog cameras and video cams - simply ideal solutions.

Hedler Tungsten halogen light kits

Hedler Tungsten halogen kits

Tungsten halogen light kits for high power demands

Hedler Tungsten halogen light kits - professional lighting solutions, sturdy and designed for your professional work in your studio.

Their equipment and the stability of each light unit make them top on-loctaion kits, the range of possibilities and the variable settings give you always the perfect solution for your photographic jobs and ideas.

The Hedler Tungsten halogen kits are designed for a high power demands - up to 2500 Watt continuous light output power are available out of one light unit (HEDLER H25s).

Special pro: kits containing the HF65 kits offer focusable Tungsten halogen light!

Even better: special video light kits with light units that do not have a fan!. No fan, no fan-caused noise - ideal for original sound recording.

Hedler daylight kits

Hedler daylight kits

Daylight kits for all fields of the Digital Imaging and DV

Hedler daylight kits - continuous light with daylight quality, compact, light-weighted, robust and with highly efficient, modern bulb installed into the Hedler DX- and DF-light units.

Photography, video, documentation - they can be used for all fields of the Digital Imaging. Because of the fanless Hedler DX- and DF-light units these kits are ideal for video productions with original sound recording.

Some of the kits contain focusable light units, the focusable light units make it highly comfortable to adjust the light beam from spot light position up to flood light position - simply by turning a knob on the back of the housing.

Perfect: relatively cool light beams allow to position the light unit relatively close to even heat-sensitive objects or material (please, check the manual for further information on this topic).