Hedler metal reflectors

HEDLER metal reflectors

Hedler metal reflectors are made out of a special aluminium alloy. The do have a high stability, through the use of a special front design this is increased. The incorporated UniAdaptSystem allows the fast attachment at the Hedler light units. Because of this functional construction they are both - sturdy and easy to use.

What they do have in common is a hard or very hard light combined with high brilliance. The usable amount of light output power is very high, the light beam is have a relatively sharp edged.

Different shapes and inner surfaces produce a great variety of light characteristics, through the use of diffusor matt filter gels it´s possible to soften the hard light character a bit.

Hedler softboxes

HEDLER softboxes

Hedler softboxes are silver inside which leads to a very high reflecting capacity, the front diffuser spreads the light beam very evenly, light loss is minimal. Their sturdy metal inner construction is set up fast; filter gels, roundmasks and grids / honeycombs depending on which model is used can be attached.

Usable nearly for every photographic and filmic field, the different sizes and shapes allow to create a great variety of lighting characteristics. They are simply a must have for a studio and you should have at least one or two in standard sizes.

Softboxes produce a relatively soft light but they do have a more narrow light beam angle than reflex umbrellas, what makes lighting control easier.

Hedler reflex umbrellas

HEDLER reflex umbrellas

Hedler umbrellas are made out of special fabric which has a high reflecting ability combined with very good diffusion characteristics. In combination with the sturdy inner metal construction this leads to highly effective light shaping tools, useful in each photographic and filmic field. Special feature: we deliver our white umbrellas with the diffusor cloth in front of the inner metal construction, this results in a more pleasing reflection on shiny surfaces.

Umbrellas do have a very wide spread light beam, they are easy to use and their lighting characteristic can be from extremely soft up to hard and crisp - depending on which size and type you are using.