HEDLER Fernbedienung für HEDLER F500


Optional cable remote control allows to adjust all the settings of the flash head - even if SETTING-SAFE-Function is in use! Built-in digital indicator stepped 1/10 f-stop means precise power adjustments are easily done, print-screen keys with LEDs provide visual control.

Cable length of app. 10 m allows wide movement of the light unit, snap-in plug for reliable connection makes life easier and you can concentrate on your photo only.

Besides this aspects, use the RC 7 and you are able to use and adjust your flash light units at places you aren´t able to reach while shooting without disturbing the whole set! That´s what we call comfort and control.


Code: < 6200 >

Price: 177,31 Euro incl. VAT

Scope of delivery: RC-7 without any further accessory


Technical data:

digital indicator stepped 1/10 f-stop

allows to set all functions of the flash light unit

length of cable: approx. 10 m

weight: approx. 150 g

Optional accessory:


Please note:

The optional remote control RC-7 can be used with the HEDLER F500 and the no longer available HEDLER F250 as well as HEDLER F1000 only.