Who we are

1945 Otto Hedler has founded Hedler. He started with a photo studio and the distribution of photographic products. Between 1961 until 1972 slide projectors have been produced and binoculars have been distributed under the Hedler brand. The Hedler light units successful story started at the photokina in Cologne, October 1968. Otto Hedler introduced the first photo and film forced-air cooling light unit to the public. Way back this has been a "little" revolution: designed for continuous operation, several security features have been incorporated and fast it has become a wanted and well-proven lighting tool. The use of a forced-air cooling, the housing with its characteristical shape made out of plastics, the safety glass and the U-shaped Tungsten halogen lamps, all of these features have been recognized in a way that it suits perfectly for a great number of professional imaging tasks.

Over the years, several reflectors, softboxes and reflex umbrellas have been designed additionally. Needed to adjust the charactersitics of the lighting and to provide the photographer and filming people with a highly variable lighting tool. All this is the basis for the three main features of the Hedler Systemlicht lighting system, that are characteristic for our system up to now: quality, safety and variability.

To be able to respond to our customers demands, we developed several different Tungsten halogen light units, based on the very first Hedler light unit. In 1994, we started to produce Hedler HMI-light units. With their flicker-free daylight they have been a more than welcomed, valuable addition to our Tungsten halogen light units.
Both production lines are still manufactured with several light units, which are subject to continuous improvement. Besides these, we are producing compact flash light units, which are well-known to be comfortable and reliable to use and their highly useful configuration.

From the very first beginning, Hedler light units have been designed to withstand the rough working conditions of professionals, in other words: they have to work as a reliable lighting tool. We believe, to produce high quality you have to use high quality components. Hedler light units are assembled of such high quality components, they are mounted by hand in Germany and every single light unit is individually tested before it leaves our factory. The result - a high quality product for which we give you an 36 month warranty.

The decision what kind of lighting

should be used, depends not only on your personal taste, much more often the needs to realize a photographic or filmic task "dictate", which lighting equipment has to be used. Advantage of the Hedler lighting system, whatever you (have to) use, the original Hedler accessories - reflectors, softboxes and reflex umbrellas can be attached to nearly every Hedler light unit because of the UniAdaptSystem!

Digital Imaging

has changed a lot of things within the whole imaging process. What has remained to be the same - often you need artificial light to create the perfect lighting conditions for your ideas. Whatever you are going to use - Tungsten halogen light, daylight or even flash light - for you light has to work as a tool, it has to be variable. It has to help to realize your creative imaging ideas. And as highly reliable and flexible to use tools, Hedler Systemlicht light units are used in all fields of Digital Imaging.

Reliability and flexibility are important, comfort while working is important too: further development has made it possible, to build our light units even more compact, one of the things our customers have been asking for.

The new fanless light units

New DLSRs are often capable of taking even HD-video. Our customers, who are interested in taking videos with original sound recording, have asked us for fanless light units. Here they are: with the HEDLER H10, the HF65 (both Tungsten halogen light units), the DF15 and DX15, daylight light units with a highly efficient bulb, Hedler offers fanless light units which suit perfectly for DigitalVideo with original sound recording. By the way: they are even perfect for macro photography - no fan cooling means no air movement caused by the lighting gear. Ideal for small and light-weighted items which tend to move easily. Advantage? Remembering the shallow DOF? Now you got it!

The new LED-light unit

The all new HEDLER Profilux LED1000 - modern lighting tool with the well-known Hedler quality - handmade in Germany. Highly efficient with current LED technology, flexible with focusing option and Fresnel lens. Daylight quality with approx. 5600K and a CRI > 94 - flicker-free! With this latest development Hedler offers a lighting tool with the advantages of the LED-lighting technology. Besides this, the new light unit is fully integrated into the Hedler system - all Hedler reflectors, softboxes and reflex umbrellas are attachable. Means - great flexibility for your lighting ideas. With its compact size and being lightweight it suits perfect for the on location work. Range of application amongst others: DigitalVideo and DigitalPhoto, documentation, high-speed photography, macrophotography and stills.

Fields of imaging for which our customers use Hedler light units

Continuous and flash light of professional quality can be used within diverse fields of imaging for lighting very different situations and set ups to lit. Due suitable accessories like light modifiers and studio equipment extremely flexible use of our studio light units is possible. Besides other facts, this combination of quality and flexibility has convinced many users to buy / use Hedler products. The following overview gives you an impression in which fields of imaging our studio light units are used:

• fashion photography
• advertising photography
• video dealers / rental
• reporter / video reporter
• photo + film + video - rental
• film and video producers
• advertising agencies
• Internet shop developer / operator
• 3D photography / scanner dealers
• High Speed camera dealers
• monument / restoration companies
• museums / galeries
• car manufacturer / development / tests / climate tests
• army
• police / Federal Criminal Police Office
• universities / hospital facilities for documentation
• colleges / photography

Our goal

for the future is to continue developing and producing lighting equipment for professional photographers and videographers. Compact, robust, reliable, powerful and flexible to use - simply quality made in Germany

Thomas Hedler

Hedler manufacturing

Interested to gain a bit of an insight? Click on the graphic above Made in Germany and you´ll find some information about our production process and our quality management.

Slide projector and bevelled glass by HEDLER - advertisement 1968

Advertising decades ago:
The HEDLER Ventilux 1250

The colourful 70ties:

Flash light with 250 Ws:
The HEDLER Compact flash
back then ...

... and the modern one with 500 Ws: The HEDLER F500

The latest daylight unit:

The focusable daylight unit:

The all new LED light unit - focusable daylight quality:
The HEDLER Profilux LED1000